Debra K. Jonsson, B.S.W., M.A.O.M

Debra has led a dynamic executive career in the airline, hotel, and higher education industries. With valuable cross-functional expertise in executive management, operations, marketing, and training, Debra's unique methodology optimizes day-to-day operations and creates a vision for the future.  As an adjunct faculty, Debra has taught numerous undergraduate business courses, in both the online and classroom modalities.

With keen business acumen and proven results as market strategist, business development, market expansion, and professional development, Debra’s no-nonsense approach endears her with those who love to take personal and organizational accountability for success.

Debra's executive leadership ensures academic quality, peak performance, regulatory compliance, and an enhanced student experience. Debra has held CEO, COO, VP and Director positions throughout the industry.

Through transformational leadership, Debra has developed strong relationships with a diverse set of team members and stakeholders to ensure organizational success, and a culture created for innovation.  Debra delivers a compelling value proposition to students and stakeholders with integrity, passion, and respect.

Who We Are

Principled Education Group is dedicated to serving as your partner in institutional growth and sustainability.  With a  comprehensive array of business solutions, PEG integrates  innovative practices combined with a deep understanding of, and respect for your culture, to create differentiated success.

With over 20 years of Higher Education expertise,  consultants at PEG create competitive advantage for your educational institution.

Services include, but are not limited to: cultural analysis for change and innovation,  program development, strategic enrollment management,  operational systems analysis, shared best practices, and professional development.





Our outcomes are the result of sound research, tenured experience, and a passion for personalized solutions.

Our transformational partnership with you aligns existing strengths of your organization with systems management in developing the next generation of success for your students, administration, and faculty.

Our onsite and offsite learning partners help you create a culture of positive prosperity based on strengths-based organizational management and innovative change.

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